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LED lights

LED lights are today virtually indispensable

LED strips

LED strips are practical, efficient and affordable …

ALU LED profiles

High quality LED profiles are intended for installation of LED strips …

LED displays

High quality LED displays for advertising, presentations …

Wireless switches and controllers

Quality wireless switches and controllers …

LED transformers

Quality LED transformers …

Lighting projects

Quality lighting projects …

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LED lights

LED lights for home and professional use …

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LED strips

LED strips are a very practical and economical solution …

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ALU LED profiles

LED profiles are intended for installation of LED strips.

Fobmark d.o.o. is a company working in LED technology. We are importers, dealers, sellers and manufacturers. Our main products are: LED lighting, LED strips, LED lights, LED bulbs, wireless switches and controllers, LED ALU profiles, LED transformers.

Our integrated lighting projects are created using illumination calculations, enabling us to tailor the selection of LED devices to each space. We are also a proud member of the VENETI construction group that provides complete house building solutions from first concept to completion. Our tasks in the group include lighting design and installation.


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Advertising LED displays for your images, video and slide shows with fully integrated sound.

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