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A LED strip consists of LED diodes. Strips differ in terms of the number and type of installed diodes (power ranges from 4.8 W/m to 29.5 W/m), as well as IP and UV protection rates. Most strips are packed in 5 m and 30 m rolls and can be cut to the desired size (to 2 – 10 cm modules). Strips are available for 12 or 24 VDC input voltage.

All our LED strips are fully certified and guaranteed for 3 – 5 years, depending on the quality and price range. The color rendering index (CRI) of light is a major health factor so we supply clients with strips with a CRI value of 80 to 98. In layman’s terms the CRI index denotes similarity of emitted light to natural sunlight that has a CRI value of 100. The lower the CRI, the more blue light is present in LED light. Increasing the blue light spectrum (lower CRI) increases the effects light has on our wellbeing. Poor sleep quality could be due to being exposed to light with a low CRI. A major section of such light is comprised of blue light which activates “daytime” hormones (serotonin) and reduces “sleep” hormones (melatonin). The effect is akin to having jet lag when transferring across time zones when flying long distance. As artificial light is used in longer intervals in winter, the effect can become more pronounced.

For higher power rating we produce stiffer printed materials that can withstand greater current and heat loads.



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